Wednesdays woes

I have been busy getting some jewelry done that have been kits of other designers.  I finally got around to doing some of my own work  and have been happy with the outcomes.

Right now I am working on a necklace using the Russian spiral design,  I am using crystals and size 11 Toho beads  I like how it is turning out and hope to have it done soon.20180815_135303

I also have been making spirit dolls which have been alot of fun to make.

Hope to show you the new necklace and maybe some thing else next week.

Keep crafting

a few projects

I have been working on different projects trying to get them done and stuff caught up.  I have enjoyed making a few things from Kinga Nichols, and Lissa Turunen.

I have also made a few things of my own using patterns that I have acquired.

one of my designs
Kinga Nichols, Leave me Alone
Mermaid bracelet, my design
Lissa Turunen, Starfish
Two bracelets done from the internet
design found on Pintrest
bracelet found on Pintrest.

Blog Hop 2018

I recieved some nice beads from my partner and tried to make a beautiful necklace with them. have to admit that my heart was not into the process as much as it had been in previous years. But I stuck with it and did get it done so here you go.

here is the list of everyone who participated

Linda Anderson (Hostess)
Hope Smitherman
Seed Beaders

Another New Necklace

I had the opportunity to purchase some beads from Panda Hall.  They were size 11 and had 25 grams per each each glass vial.  The beads were very nice,  a bit smaller in size then regular size 11.  but I did not find many that I needed to cull out, or even broken ones.    I decided that I needed to make a necklace from some of the beads to  see how they looked together, and how it was to work with them.

I really enjoyed working with the beads.  The pattern that I used made a beautiful necklace and I loved the outcome.   I look forward to working with more of these beads and making more necklaces with them.


I will show some more beautiful  necklaces soon.

Egg show in Sacramento Ca

I have just spent the weekend doing the Northern California egg show in Sacramento Ca. I had a wonderful time renewidng old friendships and making new ones. The eggs were beautiful and several of the older egg artists who are now retiring. Brought their eggs ffor us to see. I strive to be more like these ladies as their work is exuisite and they still have so much to teach us.

I am going to try to post some of my egg art up for sale here in the next few weeks but first I would love to show you some photos from this years show

Eggs from the Northern California Show

The top photo are eggs made by Esther Olivari and the bottom is the class egg that I taught

The peacock is made fom cold porcelain, and deco clay which has been painted with spray paints . Each feaher is cut out seprately and fringed before painting. The class takes about 8 hours to complete. I had 5 students and all of them enjoyed the class. The next bird that will be taught is the white peacock in Dallas Tx

A face and some beads

I have been working on a kit that I picked up some time ago.  It was a face , and so I decided that I would do something interesting with it.  I messed around and came up with this.  I hope that  you find it as whimsical as I do.


I also got  my beads from my partner in the Blog Hop.  Her name is Laura.  and she sent me some beautiful glass leaves that I can not wait to use.  I have a design in mind and I hope that It will turn out .  You will have to wait and see on that.


Here is the work space at the moment.  I am going to the Sacrament egg show. and I am getting some eggs ready to fly with me.DSCN7896


Hope you have a wonderful week and keep on crafting.