Working on projects

I can not believe that It is June already.  How the time has flown by with seems like nothing to show for it.   I have been busy making things for shows, and to sell  both in the jewelry and in eggs.  I also have made lots of silk prints which have been selling, and I should probably  set up a section for them.  I have all the flower fairies, and lots of Gibson girls, as well as animals,birds and other flying things. Christmas and other holidays included.042

I have spent the last few days on You Tube, learning some great techniques for designing .  It is starting to make me think outside the box on many of my designs.  I also want to hold a sale here on the website in the jewelry area, with everything Half price.  Stop by and see if there is something you can not live without.

I have done several pendents this week which could be done in any color that you might like.  I do orders, and I don’t mind working with different colors other then my purple or blue. Guess you could say I was stuck in a rut.  but I did a beautiful custom order in Pink for someone and they really loved it.  Here are some of the things I have been working on.

bracelet Shelly Neibackke
a few finished pendents
more loom work bracelets
peyote panel

and in the egg area016a20200428_194235DSCN026820200508_194940

Stay safe and enjoy crafting your way through life

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