Been Way too Long

Really way too long since I wrote on this blog.  I think that I got a bit overwhelmed with all the things I was trying to do and not finding time for things that I needed nto do or even things that I really wanted to do.  So this year so far has been about getting stuff reorganized and cleaned up and also figuring out what projects that I really want to do and then just working on them.

I have been busy in the last few weeks getting some new eggs and jewlery done.  I learned from one of our older eggers  ( Joan Huff) the art of doing Ribbon Embroidery on eggs.  I had a great time learning, and then came home and did a few of my own with more ideas sitting in the background of my brain.


I also had the chance to take a quick class from Irene Wilson and I finished that egg up as well.20200205_173809


Another egg that I made this year was a purse egg,  done with beads  and the top is an acrylic pour with resin on it.  It has a mirror on the inside on the top and a nice gathered satin interior.

I also made some really cute little hearts for valentines day.  The pink heart even has a love note from my husband in it.


I am working on finishing this pendent from Helena Tam Lin.  This is worked in right angle weave (RAW) and is done in size 11 and 15’s.  But when I get it all done it will be beautiful.  I also have several ideas in the works for some new embroidered necklaces and pendents as well as some braclets.  As soon as I get them done,  I will post them on the site.



Well thats the news so far,  I will try to post more often so that people know that I am still kicking.


more of my embroidered eggs


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