Work , Work and more Work

I got busy this week and started cleaning up the jewelry area.  I had not done that in awhile and really needed to do so.  In the process, I found several things that I had started but not finished.  so I now have them all in a stack to be worked on.  I also got all the Swarovski crystals located into one box.     Now I feel that I can get started on  more of my designs so that I can use up some of these beads.

I did finish a few bracelets this week as well.  Several were kits from Shelly Nabbake.  I really love her kits and they were fun to do.  But I need to get some of my kits done so that I can list them on the site.


I also finished up Helena Tam Lin’s Salutoir necklace and got the chain done as well

I did finish one of my own up, a nice spiral necklace with a pendant


so, that has been my work week.  Hope you had a great week and keep doing the Art.

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