On the Bead Board

This week is a big one for finishing lots of projects.  I have gotten the Geisha Girl back out and this time I am determined to finish her.   I have still  many other bead embroidery projects and bead weaving projects to do, but she has been sitting around way to long and needs to get finished.

I did get a peyote necklace done and also did some loom work, getting three bracelets done, as well as two other bracelets.   I am happy with getting those done and getting the loom work done.  I have other loom work projects that I would love to do, so hopefully they will get done and put up for sale.

Since it is the start of the new month  (happy April Fools Day).  I am going to also start working on getting some of my egg kits done that I have had for a while.  I got one about 4 years ago from one of my friends, and it also needs to get done.  it has Betty Boop in it  and is super cute.   With this virus going around,some of our shows have been cancelled and are being rescheduled for the end of the year.  That puts lots of pressure on those of us who are considered dealers, to be able to turn stuff over in a short amount of time.  Not easy to do,  especially if you ship your items to the show. You may not get them back in time for the next show.So I am trying to think ahead and have stuff for the shows already done,  that I can take with me to each show and still have some reserved for the next show.

Well,  That’s about all for now.  Keep on being artistic and don’t let the fact that we can not socialize get to you.


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