On the Bead Board

This week is a big one for finishing lots of projects.  I have gotten the Geisha Girl back out and this time I am determined to finish her.   I have still  many other bead embroidery projects and bead weaving projects to do, but she has been sitting around way to long and needs to get finished.

I did get a peyote necklace done and also did some loom work, getting three bracelets done, as well as two other bracelets.   I am happy with getting those done and getting the loom work done.  I have other loom work projects that I would love to do, so hopefully they will get done and put up for sale.

Since it is the start of the new month  (happy April Fools Day).  I am going to also start working on getting some of my egg kits done that I have had for a while.  I got one about 4 years ago from one of my friends, and it also needs to get done.  it has Betty Boop in it  and is super cute.   With this virus going around,some of our shows have been cancelled and are being rescheduled for the end of the year.  That puts lots of pressure on those of us who are considered dealers, to be able to turn stuff over in a short amount of time.  Not easy to do,  especially if you ship your items to the show. You may not get them back in time for the next show.So I am trying to think ahead and have stuff for the shows already done,  that I can take with me to each show and still have some reserved for the next show.

Well,  That’s about all for now.  Keep on being artistic and don’t let the fact that we can not socialize get to you.


Work , Work and more Work

I got busy this week and started cleaning up the jewelry area.  I had not done that in awhile and really needed to do so.  In the process, I found several things that I had started but not finished.  so I now have them all in a stack to be worked on.  I also got all the Swarovski crystals located into one box.     Now I feel that I can get started on  more of my designs so that I can use up some of these beads.

I did finish a few bracelets this week as well.  Several were kits from Shelly Nabbake.  I really love her kits and they were fun to do.  But I need to get some of my kits done so that I can list them on the site.


I also finished up Helena Tam Lin’s Salutoir necklace and got the chain done as well

I did finish one of my own up, a nice spiral necklace with a pendant


so, that has been my work week.  Hope you had a great week and keep doing the Art.

Been Way too Long

Really way too long since I wrote on this blog.  I think that I got a bit overwhelmed with all the things I was trying to do and not finding time for things that I needed nto do or even things that I really wanted to do.  So this year so far has been about getting stuff reorganized and cleaned up and also figuring out what projects that I really want to do and then just working on them.

I have been busy in the last few weeks getting some new eggs and jewlery done.  I learned from one of our older eggers  ( Joan Huff) the art of doing Ribbon Embroidery on eggs.  I had a great time learning, and then came home and did a few of my own with more ideas sitting in the background of my brain.


I also had the chance to take a quick class from Irene Wilson and I finished that egg up as well.20200205_173809


Another egg that I made this year was a purse egg,  done with beads  and the top is an acrylic pour with resin on it.  It has a mirror on the inside on the top and a nice gathered satin interior.

I also made some really cute little hearts for valentines day.  The pink heart even has a love note from my husband in it.


I am working on finishing this pendent from Helena Tam Lin.  This is worked in right angle weave (RAW) and is done in size 11 and 15’s.  But when I get it all done it will be beautiful.  I also have several ideas in the works for some new embroidered necklaces and pendents as well as some braclets.  As soon as I get them done,  I will post them on the site.



Well thats the news so far,  I will try to post more often so that people know that I am still kicking.


more of my embroidered eggs


Wednesdays woes

I have been busy getting some jewelry done that have been kits of other designers.  I finally got around to doing some of my own work  and have been happy with the outcomes.

Right now I am working on a necklace using the Russian spiral design,  I am using crystals and size 11 Toho beads  I like how it is turning out and hope to have it done soon.20180815_135303

I also have been making spirit dolls which have been alot of fun to make.

Hope to show you the new necklace and maybe some thing else next week.

Keep crafting

a few projects

I have been working on different projects trying to get them done and stuff caught up.  I have enjoyed making a few things from Kinga Nichols, and Lissa Turunen.

I have also made a few things of my own using patterns that I have acquired.

one of my designs
Kinga Nichols, Leave me Alone
Mermaid bracelet, my design
Lissa Turunen, Starfish
Two bracelets done from the internet
design found on Pintrest
bracelet found on Pintrest.

Blog Hop 2018

I recieved some nice beads from my partner and tried to make a beautiful necklace with them. have to admit that my heart was not into the process as much as it had been in previous years. But I stuck with it and did get it done so here you go.

here is the list of everyone who participated

Linda Anderson http://fromthebeadboard.blogspot.com (Hostess)
Hope Smitherman http://CraftyHope.com
Seed Beaders

Another New Necklace

I had the opportunity to purchase some beads from Panda Hall.  They were size 11 and had 25 grams per each each glass vial.  The beads were very nice,  a bit smaller in size then regular size 11.  but I did not find many that I needed to cull out, or even broken ones.    I decided that I needed to make a necklace from some of the beads to  see how they looked together, and how it was to work with them.

I really enjoyed working with the beads.  The pattern that I used made a beautiful necklace and I loved the outcome.   I look forward to working with more of these beads and making more necklaces with them.


I will show some more beautiful  necklaces soon.