A few more things

   Had a few beautiful beads left from the Blog Hop and so I made a very simple necklace with them I still have a few more left and I want to make something with them,  but have not gotten to it yet.  Another good project for this week.

   I also made the second necklace which is a beautiful crystal slab and added the fringe and chain to it.  it is very simple but also very elegant.  I  think that is a nice addition to any outfit.

       I have several other necklaces and bracelets that I am working on and can not wait to finish them so that I can show them to you.  I hope that you will come and visit my page again.

Bead Peeps Swap ‘n’ Hop 2017 Reveal

  Today is the day that everyone gets to see what I have been very busy doing.    This year I was paired with the wonderfully talented   Palak Udeshi   from India and received from her some of the most beautiful beads.  I could not wait to get started in doing something with them.  And this is what I came up with.  Even the material for the cord is from her .   I had lots of fun coming up with this design and it was ever evolving  as I worked on itDSCN6827

    I also had a few beads left from what I sent her and I managed to get this done .


  follow the below links to see what other members of the swap did

Hope Smitherman

My goodies from my partner

DSCN6746I got the mail the other day and found a box of wonderful beads from my partner  She lives in India, and many of the beads were beads that can only be found there.   I have some wonderful ideas of what to do with all the goodies that she sent me.  I can not wait to get started and can not wait to show you the final project.  I may actually have several things that I do with all the goodies

Bead Cruise

 I spent a week on a bead cruise and it was wonderful   I got to take classes from artists that I had only heard about,  but never worked with.  I can tell you that they are crazy brilliant, funny women who I so enjoyed working with. 

Shelley Nybakke, Liisa Turunen, Amee K. Sweet-McNamara  along with Kinga Nichols and Sherry Sarafini   were our wonderful teachers and make and take girls.

the photo shows some of Liisa Turunens beautiful bead work.    I think I have fallen in love with her style.


What I have been working on

    Well,  here are a few of the bracelets that I have made in the past month.  I have really enjoyed using colors that I would not have  normally picked and doing designs that normally I would not do.    But I have enjoyed the challenge and think that most have turned out pretty good.

I found out that I have an international partner again this year for the Swap and hop.  Her name is Palak Udeshi  and she makes some very pretty jewelry.    I visited her blog already and saw the most beautiful peacock necklace  in the most amazing colors of blue.     I can not get it out of my mind.  ( I am a great lover of the color blue).

         I am starting some new things this week and hope to get them done,  because not only am I doing the swap and hop,  but I have a bead cruise coming up at the end of Feb. and I need to have things ready for that.  So a busy time for me.  Come join me on this wonderful trip with my new partner and my bead cruise and see what I make.

catching up on odds and ends

had a really busy week and now I am doing a bit of beading,  trying to catch up on some unfinished projects.  Most are really simple to finish,  clasps and such,  and some are ones that I have gotten all the components there, just never started to get them all together.

I love that my mind is always searching for something to try and do, always trying to reinvent a piece or thinking how it could go together better then what I thought.  I have so many things on my plate to try and do  I can easily get behind.  I really have to regulate my mind to get done just a few projects at a time or it can become totally overwhelming.

the new 3rd annual Bead Peep Swap and hop is gearing up to find our partners.  This swap and hop has been so much fun for me as not only am I making friends from around the world.  I am stretching myself as a beader to make something unique from the beads that they send me.   This is pure enjoyment at its best.

3rd Annual Bead Swap and Hop

It is now time for the 3rd annual Bead Swap and Hop.  I have signed up again and can not wait to see who I get for a swap partner.   I have had loads of fun each time and finding the beads and focals to send to my partner has produced lots of giggles and thoughts of If I send that,  what ever will she make with it.  It has been great fun to visit all the blogs in the end ( this year we are also including Instagram) and see what everyone has made.  Come along for this wonderful journey with me.