What I have been working on

    Well,  here are a few of the bracelets that I have made in the past month.  I have really enjoyed using colors that I would not have  normally picked and doing designs that normally I would not do.    But I have enjoyed the challenge and think that most have turned out pretty good.

I found out that I have an international partner again this year for the Swap and hop.  Her name is Palak Udeshi     http://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in/  and she makes some very pretty jewelry.    I visited her blog already and saw the most beautiful peacock necklace  in the most amazing colors of blue.     I can not get it out of my mind.  ( I am a great lover of the color blue).

         I am starting some new things this week and hope to get them done,  because not only am I doing the swap and hop,  but I have a bead cruise coming up at the end of Feb. and I need to have things ready for that.  So a busy time for me.  Come join me on this wonderful trip with my new partner and my bead cruise and see what I make.

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