catching up on odds and ends

had a really busy week and now I am doing a bit of beading,  trying to catch up on some unfinished projects.  Most are really simple to finish,  clasps and such,  and some are ones that I have gotten all the components there, just never started to get them all together.

I love that my mind is always searching for something to try and do, always trying to reinvent a piece or thinking how it could go together better then what I thought.  I have so many things on my plate to try and do  I can easily get behind.  I really have to regulate my mind to get done just a few projects at a time or it can become totally overwhelming.

the new 3rd annual Bead Peep Swap and hop is gearing up to find our partners.  This swap and hop has been so much fun for me as not only am I making friends from around the world.  I am stretching myself as a beader to make something unique from the beads that they send me.   This is pure enjoyment at its best.

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