Blog Hop 2018

It is that time of the year again, when we start to get ready for the annual Blog Hop hosted by Linda Anderson .   So as I sit here and start to get all my goodies ready for my partner,  I can not but reflect on how this has helped to broaden my color horizons, make me new and wonderful friends from all over, and increase my confidence as a beeder.

So Linda,  I thank you for giving us the possibility to do this,  I know that it is not easy getting everything coordinated, and hoping that everyone does their part.   I will be posting this week my items that my partner will receive from me. and have them to her in the mail before the deadline.


From the bead board this week.  I finished up Miriam Shimon’s bracelet from the cruise.  It is done with sotache,  which I think I am finally beginning to master.  I can not wait to try and do a few things on my own now with this technique.    I am also interested in trying to make some more of Sherri Sarafini’s necklaces, and try to do something like that on my own.


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