Bead Cruise 2018

I got to go on the bead cruise which is sponsored by the Palm beach bead society.  Seven days in the Caribbean and great ports of call.  We had 4 wonderful teachers aboard.  Betty Stephan,  Sherry Sarafini, Becki Haley, and Miriam Shimon.  All the teachers came with wonderful classes, and great kits for us to purchase.  ( we won’t divulge how much I spent.)

My first class was with Betty Stephan.  I have to say that I learned new techniques from all of my teachers and also learned new ideas that I could do with items that I had, and just never knew what to do with.  Second class was with Sherry Sarafini, and third class was with Miriam Shimon.  I greatly enjoyed my classes. and enjoyed getting to know the personalities of the teachers.  I would take classes from all 4 of them again,  no problem.

I managed to finish two of the classes,  Betty Stephan’s, and Sherry Sarafini’s

here are what they look likeDSCN7747DSCN7745

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