some more finished projects

I have been really working on the beading side of the business these past few weeks.  I have found several lovely necklaces that I wanted to do and have finally gotten most of them done.  Several of them were patterns from that had been free.

I also finished up a Shelley Nybakke necklace and earrings called Detour from Normal.   This is a super fun necklace to make and I have it in a second colorway that I hope to get done this week.

Also finished the  Tuffet Lily Pendant  from Amee McNamara  ( Amee Runs With Scissors)   That was a lot of fun also.  I had never really worked with Soutache before, and now feel like I can incorporate it into some of my designs.



necklace that I designed
kumihimo necklace
Tuffet Lily

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