Bead Work done

I finished the bead embroidery that I was working on,  and I also finished Jill Wiseman’s Dream Weaver Necklace that I had wanted to do.    I also managed to get another necklace started  that I am really enjoying getting done.

I have found that being in my new studio at the house is very conducive to getting work done, because I am able to shut out all the noise and distractions .    I can then give myself two hours to just concentrate on a project and Wow,  I am getting lots done.

I will be posting some of my egg work in the coming weeks as I get more and more of them done.

Beaded seahorse
a cute seahorse done as a pendent
Dream Weaver Necklace
Loving the mix which I got from a store called Bead Need
New Necklace
Loving this design.

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