getting some bead embroidery done

I have getting some more bead embroidery done and right now I am working on this project.  It is to be used in a give away that I will be doing in Jan..  I will be with the Bead Society of Palm Beach Fla. on their third beading cruise.   I am looking forward to the teachers that will be on board.   I had wonderful teachers last year,  and had a wonderful time getting to meet and make new friends.


I have used a piece of gimp as the center piece, and then using size 15 delicas I am filling in the design.  After doing the design I will use size 11 seed beads up to finish the outside and add a fringe with size 11 and small shells.    Here is what it looks like so far.20171129_194753

I will show the finished piece next week.    I will also  be showing  an egg that I am decorating.  ( Maybe two).

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