A little Popotillo

Well.  I thought I should do a little slide show of a egg that I did some popotillo on.

In Mexico, straw mosaics are known as “popotillo art,” from the Spanish name for sacaton grass, Sporobolus, or popote de cambray. The art form has Precolumbian roots.   The grass is first hand-dyed.   Then the artist draws a design, which is then covered by a fine layer of “cera de Campeche,” a special type of beeswax. The straw is then cut down to workable sizes, sometimes as fine as a single millimeter in length. The artist then carefully presses the pieces of straw into the beeswax. When the design is finished, a fixative is applied to protect the finished work.

Popotillo  Beetle.


the wax
design on the egg with the wax added
now the cording has been added
the first color of popotillo straw is added
the beginning of the second color
the legs are now added
starting to finish the egg
finished egg, which will hang on a stand


There are many designs which can be used to make eggs or jewelry, as well as  serving trays, pictures and other objects..  Please feel free to ask me mre about this wonderful art form.




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